Hey folks, I’m Jeff from Autumn Lane Paperie & I started Magnolia Themes after designing websites for several years on mostly WordPress to provide awesome, feature-packed WordPress themes with clear directions on how to do things within the theme to people at an incredible price.

After seeing so many themes developed over the years in a variety of ways & on varying levels of quality, I was convinced that we could offer a quality product at a superior price that addresses the need for a theme to be understandable by the website owner. All of our themes come with lifetime theme support for the purchaser & unlimited licensing on how many projects the theme(s) can be used on – you bought it so you should be able to use it!

We will update our themes as needed so be sure to install & use your included child theme to avoid losing any of your theme edits.

If you have any theme requests, be sure to drop us a line on our contact page & we’ll consider adding it to our feature request list!

It’s definitely not just me working on our themes, it’s a team effort because we care about quality & presentation!

Don’t I look happy here? I was, actually! How can a guy complain when he gets to do fun work with the people he loves?

The Magnolia Themes Team

Also, you might want to know that as we continue to develop new themes, we’ll be introducing a killer WordPress theme bundle deal, look for that later this year!