Custom Branded Site Favicon & Blog Post Signature

Custom Branded Site Favicon & Blog Post Signature


What is a favicon?

A favicon is the small icon that displays on web browser tabs next to your page title – for our site, it displays as a white M & small flower on a beige background. Using a custom favicon gives your website a much more branded & cohesive look & shows attention to detail.

For the favicon file, you will receive 2 files, each 512px x 512px, one PNG & one ICO file format, as well as instruction on how to use your custom favicon on your WordPress website.

What’s a blog post signature?

A blog post signature is an image that is displayed on each of your blog posts. You can place it manually or modify your theme’s code to include it automatically on each blog post.

How do I use this service?

When you checkout, here’s what I’ll need to know, which you’ll need to provide in the “Order Notes” field on the checkout page:

For your favicon:

  • What shape do you want the favicon to be? We can provide round or geometric shapes as the favicon background & overall shape.
  • What color should the favicon background be? What color should the device in the foreground be?
  • What letter or symbol should be on the favicon foreground? Remember that favicons are tiny so no intricate detail will be legible, keep it simple – usually a single letter or two is best.

For your blog post signature:

  • What name do you want your signature to have?
  • What color should the signature be?
  • What font preference do you have? See our font list here (this will link you to a PDF file): (link)

NOTE: If you purchased theme installation (link) at the same time, you can simply provide this information when you fill out the theme installation form on our website.

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